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Tentronix is a brand which is growing rapidly and is regarded as one of the leading and the most trusted brands of India which is providing latest technology in the field of Electronic security systems. Tentronix helps the enterprises in managing all the security solutions and access control systems by offering complete range of  products

Recently Tentronix has introduced best technology products in Intrusion detection and prevention systems including a range of sensors accomplishing this task. Our security and automation solutions are widely used in defense ,police, industrial, power, commercial, hospital, education  and other sectors. In other words Tentronix is a one stop solution oriented company to meet the requirements and expectations of  the  enterprises or individual.

Tentronix deals in wide variety of security products and offers high-quality products and services to its customers. Our products range includes High end IP Cameras, PTZ cameras, Hydraulically rising bollards, metal detectors, boom barriers, Tyre killer or spike barriers, Intrusion detection and prevention system including beam sensors, motions sensors, temperature sensors  and solar based security alarms systems, biometric and RFID based Access control Solutions, Home Automation Solutions, Military Training Solutions and other security related equipments etc.

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Reasons Why Should Choose Us?

24/7/365 Support

Best in class after sales support service


Our products and solutions are used by various Govt. Agencies, Enterprises and Institutes.

Affordable Rates

We always try to adopt new tech and ways to improve the quality of product not price.

Different Range

Our range of security products is great so you can make yourself an option to choose between them.

Experts and Staff

We have educated and experienced staff which can resolve almost any issues related to our products.

Excellent Customer Experience

Our products are robust and reliable so you will get ultimate performance from them, this means happy you.

Solution We offer

Biometric Attendance System

Access and control solutions are also a great way to track employee performances.

Military Training

In-Door & Out-Door Simulators or training systems for the Army to make them more precise.

All CCTV Security

We are in-house manufacturers of all type of Security Cameras with great build quality.

Spike System

Our tyre spike system is the best to stop vehicles by deflating them.

Metal Detector

Maintain security and enhance it in the correct way with our metal detector door frame.

Cloud Enabled

Our products are cloud supported, means you can configure them to work over cloud technology.

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