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About Us

Tentronix is also known as Tentronix Innovations Pvt. Ltd and came into force on April 1, 2014. It was founded by Gaurav Sharma and is known for providing one of the best high class quality materials of electronic security products in India. It is a leading producer of security products like CCTV camera, security alarms, video door phones, video surveillance solutions, and access & attendance control system in India. It is one of the top growing brands in this field with CCTV surveillance system which offers reliable and high-quality products.

The products offered by Tentronix are fully certified from CE, ROHS, and FCC. Tentronix has a solution to each and every problem of enterprise or organization and is a master in solving it with the help of their advanced technology products. Tentronix has its hand in almost all sectors and will surely make its name and goodwill more and better. Our team is very dynamic and passionate and always wanted to work with a vision of delivering cost-effective and high-performance video surveillance and security products to the Indian market. Each and every product of the company is certified for their quality and also the company always maintain international standards.

Tentronix has a wide network in India with over 500+ service partners. The company is running the business in almost 300+cities in India and also provides local services and support and along with this it is also one of the biggest CCTV manufacturers in India. Tentronix also provides its products to various major security solutions providers in India and also the name of the Tentronix also comes under the list of top security companies in the world. The company always seek the opportunity to add new and cost-effective technologies in its production departments to improve the security of their customers and also to improve customer’s satisfaction.