Tentronix is that brand which is known around the world for providing the most advanced electronic system for surveillance and many other usages at affordable prices. Tentronix has its hand in all the sectors and is known around the world as one of the top security companies. Along with providing the security products with the latest technology, we also provide military training solutions and attendance and access control solution to the industries. Our every product is filled with many high-grade services which makes it the best product in the market. Below is the list of many qualities the products of Tentronix have in them.

Services offered by Tentronix

We also provide solutions to various industries and can manage their activities effectively and efficiently by providing CCTV security surveillance. Below is the list of industries in which Tentronix can play a huge role in maintaining and protecting their security.

  • Transportation
  • Real estate
  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Shopping and retail
  • Public areas
  1. Transportation: Every organization or industry wants to have information of the products while they are in transit and from the past few decades, the companies are searching the best solutions to have complete knowledge of their products and their human resource from the distant places. So We can solve this problem because with the help of security system set by us any authorized person can access the information from anywhere and at any time. The services offered in transportation system include Live monitoring of video, route tracking, and fuel speed status etc.
  2. Real Estate: Tentronix security systems can help the owners of property to have a complete eye on their space. In real estate department the electronic security system can help in managing entry-exit management, parking management, and to overlook work in progress.
  3. Banking: The field of banking is prone to various threats like hacking security systems, robbery etc.  So it is very important for every bank to have a complete and high quality security system in order to protect any type of mishappening. We provide various ultimate solutions to ATMs, data centers, and lockers etc. The services offered in banking field include access to only authorized person, identification of offender, high quality footages, and system alerts etc.
  4. Hospitality: Safety is the most important thing for any health care center as they are known for this work. The healthcare centers must have a high security system in order to protect the public and also its facilities. The security solutions provided by us in health care centers include ultra HD IP surveillance cameras with motion detection and also with remote monitoring feature.
  5. Education: In today’s time, safety of child in schools and colleges is the most important thing which the authorities have to take care of. Because of the increasing number of crimes, the school authorities must possess a high security system to overlook each and every activity in the arena. Our electronic security system can help in keeping an eye on each and every person in the arena with the help of High resolution IP Cameras.
  6. Shopping and retail: The retail industry is prone to various threats like retail shrinkage which can drop down the business very quickly. The only way to remain out of threat is to have surveillance all over the place in order to check and prevent any unwanted activity. Our safety solutions can provide all round protection with the help of real time monitoring.
  7. Public areas: To have a security system across the city is one and the foremost task of city officials in order to ensure the safety and security of citizens. Also these electronic high quality security systems can help in deterring the crime by overlooking the complete recording of the incident. Tentronix also provides various high ranging city surveillance solutions which can help in ensuring the safety of all the people of the city.

Tentronix is one of the most advanced security solutions company which offers a wide range of good quality products with reasonable prices. The marketing schemes of the company is also very unique that which is one of the most important factor of the company’s success. Tentronix is running like a dark horse in the field of electronic security solutions and has make its presence felt to the whole world. The main reason of our success is the path adopted by us which says that (serve the customers with maximum technological benefits and provide them unconditional support at reasonable cost). From the start of the journey the main aim of the Tentronix is to become the leading electronic security solutions brand of India and now it looks like the company is on the right path and will achieve its aim quickly.